Press + Testimonials

“Thank you so much for sending the September issue along, can’t wait to share with my team – STUNNING!”
– Christine, Luxury Retail Brand

“Gratitude for the feature in the September issue of Marin Magazine.  Special thanks to Curbside Couture for always featuring and supporting local businesses – we love you!”
– Jasmien, Designer

“We are SO THRILLED to be featured on the fashion page in the June issue of Marin Magazine! The layout looks great and Robin’s necklace really shines. Thank you for using one of our pieces in the spread.  We are SO happy to be featured and I’m off now to post to social media about it! Thank you again, Leah-Marie!”
– Meeshka, Jewelry Collective Director + Designer

“Wow! You rocked the editorial spread for the March issue! I am in love!  Thank you for including my pink knit bomber jacket. It is styled so well and I really like how you matched it to the shirt perfectly. The colors are really fresh and I think you nailed it. Very original. Gorgeous! Bravo!”
– J’Amy, Designer

“Congratulations on your flower photo shoot!  Thank you for using my couture..…it was a captivating shot.”
– Janet, Boutique Owner + Designer

“I wanted to drop you a personal note to let you know that I am beyond thrilled with the January issue that came out.  I’ve had several people last week come in saying they saw the page and came into the store because of it and they didn’t previously know I existed!  It’s been really great to help spread the word about the business, so I wanted to make sure I thank you!!”
– Traci, Boutique Owner