What is Curbside Couture?

What is a Fashion Show To-Go?

What is Fashion Styling?

What is the Curbside Couture Shop?   The Curbside Couture Shop is a locally curated store supporting local boutiques and designers in your town.

What does Curbside Couture offer?   Curbside Couture offers the ability to shop local boutiques and local designers from the convenience of your computer or mobile phone/tablet.

Why shop local?   Shopping local means more money stays within our community; every dollar spent generates twice as much income for the local economy.

Are you accepting new vendors?   Always!  Contact Curbside Couture via email or on our contact page.

What is The fastest way to reach someone about my order?

How do I return/exchange?

How will I know when a return/exchange has been received / processed?